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Lemons are one of my favourite things, closley followed by parsley and this dish combines both with pork to produce a quick, easily scrumptious dish which is just perfect for a hassle free meal.

Pork Recipe

Pork with Lemon and Parsley

  • Trim pork escalopes to remove any excess fat and place in a shallow dish
  • Squeeze three lemons over the pork, making sure the lemon covers the meat
  • Chop 85g parsley and heat a small frying pan (but big enough to fit the meat in)
  • Once the pan is hot, add the pork including the lemon juice
  • Just before the pork is ready, add the parsley (too early and it will burn)
  • Take out the pork and drizzle the reduced sauce over the meat and serve

Pork with Lemon and Parsley RecipeBest served with a side of salad or boiled potatoes with butter and parmesan.

Every time I take a bite from this dish, I remember the Mediterranean coast, particularly Menton, where they are so infatuated with lemons they have a annual festival devoted to this fruit.

Nice, France

How do you like your pork? Any favourite flavour combinations?