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As soon as the sun hits my shoulders my appetite changes. Fresh salads, light nibbles and simple dishes are all in. I’m pairing the quinoa with another South American ingredient, tomatoes, to produce a refreshingly delicious salad.

Quinoa Summer SaladSummer Quinoa Salad – serves four

  • Use 250g Merchant Gourmet Red and White Quinoa or add 250g Quinoa to a pan and cook for 15 minutes in vegetable stock
  •  Finely chop 5 spring onions, 3 celery sticks, 3 tomatoes, handful of parsley and add to a seperate bowl
  • Add a generous amount of olive oil, salt and pepper and a dash of Worcester Sauce (gluten free version widely available in UK) and mix
  • If using Merchant Gourmet’s Quinoa microwave for one minute
  • Mix the two bowls together and serve!

Quinoa Recipe

I don’t tend to use pre-prepared ingredients, but I had a nightmare finding quinoa (there seemed to be a gold rush for the product) so I thought I would give it a go. Merchant Gourmet’s Red and White Quinoa provided a great contrast to the salad and an easy solution if in a rush. Are their are other brands you recommend? How do you like your quinoa?

CotswoldsMy inspiration: the mix of natural colours in the English Countryside