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This week I have had a few days away from the office. I put it to good use, dealing with all those tasks that I’ve had on my to do list for months, including sorting through my photo album. I came across photos from a short trip to Lille, France and my last minute supermarket dash before boarding the eurostar for St Pancras. I was desperate to find some white asparagus, which I can’t seem to find in London.

Homemade Mayonnaise, white asparagus and bonito tuna recipeHomemade Mayonnaise with White Asparagus and Bonito Tuna

  • Combine two egg yolks with a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of dijon mustard
  • Carefully whisking, add a small amount of olive oil until combined. Repeat this process until 1/4 cup of olive oil is incorporated
  • To serve, add the drained white asparagus, bonito tuna and mayonnaise to a plate and dig in!

mayonnaise recipeI am finally using my last jar of white asparagus. I am pairing it with another foreign supermarket ingredient – bonito del norte tuna. The homemade mayonnaise acts as a perfect joiner for the sweetness of the white asparagus and the richness of the tuna.

Lille, FranceDo you search foreign supermarkets for missing ingredients? What’s on your list?