Below is an index of key terms and references used in the blog:


Bresaola –  an Italian air dried salted beef from the Lombardi region. The beef is cured for two or three months and normally sold thinly sliced.


Crema Catalana a thick custard dessert from Catalonia.

Compote – a dessert made from fruit cooked in a sugar syrup.


Halloumi – a white salty semi-hard cheese from Cyprus.


Parmesan – the English name for Parmigiano Reggiano, an Italian hard cheese.

Pepperoncino – an Italian name for chilli. Normally found as dried flakes.

Pulled Ham Hock – pork knuckle that has been slow cooked and then shredded.

Puy Lentils – a green lentil from Le Puy region in south-central france. They hold their shape during cooking and have a peppery flavour.


Quinoa – a South American grain, which is gluten free. Pronounced keen-wa.


Worcestershire Sauce – British fermented sauce, used to add flavour. More information can be found here. GF versions available under spelling of Worchester Sauce!


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