This is my favourite cocktail to make at home. It’s perfect as an aperitif, combining citrus fruit with Campari and tonic water. Zoot Suite Tonic CocktailRecipe has been adapted from Shaken: 250 very sexy cocktails, p257

Zoot Suit Tonic – makes two

  • Slice one orange and one lime into quarters
  • Add 30ml/2oz of sugar syrup to a cocktail shaker followed by the fruit
  • Squish down with the help of a rolling pin until all the juice has been released
  • Add 6 ice cubes to the cocktail shaker, 90ml/3oz Campari, 60ml/2oz sanguinello orange juice and shake vigorously for 20 seconds
  • Strain and top up with 90ml/3oz of tonic water
  • Distribute into glasses and finish with ice cubes and lime pieces

Zoot Suite TonicI particularly love the colours of this recipe, the intense and vibrant hues are eye catching. A perfect cocktail to start off any party! Below some photos of bright flowers from 2012. I can’t say enough, that I am very much looking forward to spring/summer 2013.